Well Woman Exams

What are well woman exams?

Well woman exams are annual reproductive health examinations for women. During this exam, Dr. Remi Adelasoye checks the breasts, vagina and uterus. Depending on your age and lifestyle, Pap smears, STD tests, mammograms and HPV vaccines may also be recommended.

Why is well woman care important?

Well woman care is important because prevention is essential to healthcare. Many health conditions occur slowly and are the result of lifestyle factors: diet, exercise or health habits. An annual visit is an opportunity to catch problems early or to identify trends, such as weight gain, that may cause problems later in life. It is also an opportunity for our patients to ask questions and address any concerns with Dr. Adelasoye. Developing a strong doctor-patient relationship provides an educational opportunity to learn more about individual health issues.

Well Woman Care goes beyond the needs of care during the reproductive years. Young women who are sexually active may need birth control, which means various aspects of their health should be monitored. During the reproductive years, both well woman and obstetric care are important. Women of any age who have chronic medical conditions need it to help prevent complications and catch problems early. Women who are postmenopausal may need symptom management for menopause or care for conditions such as osteoporosis.

What should you discuss during a well woman exam?

A well woman exam is a great time to discuss any concerns you have about your sexual or reproductive health. If you are experiencing any abnormalities with your period, any pain related to sex or in your abdominal area that could be related to your reproductive tract, these issue should be addressed.

What should I expect during my well woman exam?

Dr. Adelasoye will review medical and family history and ask you questions about your sexual history, current sex life, lifestyle habits, menstrual cycle and birth control preferences/usage. From there, treatments and examinations will be performed, and he will address any concerns you have during the evaluation.

Well woman exams in Campbell River, British Columbia

Dr. Adelasoye provides well woman exams to patients in the Campbell river area. He is able to diagnose and treat a myriad of ailments involving women’s reproductive health. Dr. Adelasoye accepts new patients by referral only. Please have your primary care physician give you a referral or contact our office on your behalf.